Pursuing interior design with intent

Who we are

An interior studio based in the Netherlands. We design and produce Luxurious interiors for the residential, hospitality, retail and office market. We look at the bigger picture, by considering all of the little things what makes the design complete.

"Our general drive is to provide a more authentic experience completely matching our clients DNA"

We deliver turn key projects

Interior design

We quantify your ideas into an interior your design.

Interior build

We build any interior design. Constructional build we offer our premium partners.

Project management

Projects are time consuming and can be stressful so let us do the magic.

We investigate the ever changing customer needs that touches any part of our design.

"We do not panic, we maintain a solid workflow and consider all the little details which makes the design."

First, touch base with your desires, wishes, ambitions and budget.

We catalyse all the information and prepare our proposal and written approach on the project

We catalyse all information into a project document which will be the foundation of a conceptual design.

  • project document
  • Moodboard (colors, materials, form)
  • Floorplan ideas
  • Proposal with our terms & agreements
Preliminary design:

We elaborate conceptual design to preliminary designs. This can be revised once.

  • Floor plan
  • Furniture plan
  • Material plan
  • Project budget estimate
  • Planning estimate
Technical drawings

Technical drawings are made, materials and products are being ordered. We will make a final planning based on the information gathered from our partners and premium suppliers.

  • Technical drawings
  • Material and furniture checklist
  • Final planning

We ask contractors, suppliers to propose the needed materials, furniture and more. We negotiate for the best prices and guard the planning.

  • budget plan
  • proposals
  • planning
Project Realization

During the entire process we wil have close contact with the constructors on sight and keeping general alignment with you as a client so you stay on top of the process

  • Pre-set meetings concerning building process and planning
  • project management on sight

When almost finalizing the project together with our clients we go in on-site in detail through every project deliverable in detail and make an inventory on work to be finished and work which will be signed off by our clients

  • Technical drawings
  • Material and furniture checklist
  • Final planning
Final delivery

On location together with our client we check each project deliverable and determine if we met our objectives

  • Project sign off

We are not a one trick pony

We bridge the gap between interior architecture and technology

Asset Grid is a cloud based (IoT) asset management tool which enables you to real-time track, control and manage your assets. Asset-Grid.Com

Our VR application makes it possible to experience our designs in 360 view before your project is realised. Providing our clients designed spatial experience.

Blurred Lines Lease Service we offer our clients the possibility to partial or entirely lease their new interior through our financial partner.

Nano Tech Fabric Protection protects any surface from dirt and stains, which guarantees a much longer life span with ultra cleanness.

"I believe in continuously searching for better ways of doing things, without ever losing sight of the value of history and respect for tradition."

Teddy Gude


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